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Temporary closure due to COVID19 pandemic

20 March 2020
In a typical year, Spring is a time of renewal, growth, interaction, hope. Today in Amelia Island we have temperatures in the mid 80s and a gentle, caressing breeze. We should be anticipating the excitement of Spring business! But this is not a typical Spring and it is with heavy hearts that we announce the TEMPORARY closure of Burlingame Restaurant effective Saturday 21 March 2020 at 9:00pm.
Our reasons are several but really interlaced. Fundamentally, we are unsettled by our staff, ourselves, and our guests taking ANY additional risk of infection. For the few dollars generated from quite limited business it just isn’t worth the risks to our health. We have had extraordinary support this past week from many guests trying their best to help our little business survive. We love them and thank them whole heartedly!
Frankly, we have expected our national and state governments to make this call in the best interests of society and finally came to the realization that we didn’t need to wait. We just needed to find the courage. Maybe, if businesses close and individuals take seriously the need to separate to minimize spread of the virus, the period of intense risk will be shorter and less destructive.
Also, we didn’t want our beloved team members to waste any time in their efforts to find other work and/or apply for available benefits. It is our earnest hope that everyone finds income enough to tide them over. We hear that grocery stores etc are hiring and unemployment benefits are easier to apply for than ever before.
We are applying for emergency loans to help us cover ongoing expenses in the hopes of being able to reopen with vigor when this calamity finally passes. Of course, none of us can even guess how long that will be.
We intend to weather this disaster and reopen Burlingame when we can. Our dream is to have our entire staff rejoin us for our re-start (they are, bar none, the BEST crew in the business!) and hope our many guests will help us recover quickly.
Please support all your local, small, privately owned businesses so many can survive this trying time. They are the heart of community, the employers of millions, and we all need to remember that. Especially now.
Stay safe, be well, love your fellow man!

Deb, Eric & Chad and the entire Burlingame Family!