A Chef’s Philosophy – Burlingame Restaurant

Here at Burlingame, the Chef’s philosophy is simple… Quality!!!

Whether we’re talking about ingredients, equipment, knife skills, or service standards, everything at Burlingame is held to high quality standards. As a chef, I want to deliver a dish that you will recognize; yet which conveys a sense of depth and complexity that surprises you.

In order to achieve this vision, the menu Chef Chad's duck breast, mushroom risotto, carrot & ginger puree, confit tomato and brussels sprouts.at Burlingame is seasonally inspired with top quality ingredients and native products of the southern coastal region. The menu is small by design to enable us to focus on great technique in a timely manner. Each dish is composed so that your cooks can combine great techniques and fresh ingredients into dishes with delightful flavors, colors and textures. Our food should both taste great and look amazing. Succeeding as a cook at Burlingame requires creativity and finesse in planning, preparing, cooking and plating.

IMG_0041The kitchen at Burlingame includes stations for garde manger/pastry, hot appetizer, grill, and sauté and is designed to create a collaborative and efficient atmosphere for professional cooks. Each cook has a sense of ownership and responsibility for his/her station. This includes organization of the station, cleanliness standards, awareness of the situation, and communication with the team.

Combining all of these elements of culinary arts with our hospitality focus should ensure a successful restaurant addition to the Fernandina Beach dining scene. I look forward to creating a kitchen team of professional cooks and an environment of camaraderie at Burlingame Restaurant to deliver the finest meals possible and hope you will give us a try when we open late Feb/early March at 20 South 5th Street in the Historic District of Fernandina Beach.  We will do our best to delight your palate and provide you with an extraordinary dining experience.


Chad Livingston
Executive Chef
Burlingame Restaurant