Burlingame is open for Dinner only Monday through Saturday from 5:30pm.
Full Cocktail Bar

Reservations to Burlingame are highly recommended.

Book your reservation by calling us at 904-432-7671 or by using the OpenTable widget on the right.  If you don’t find the time you are looking for, please call us.  We may be able to arrange something to suit you and, at the least, can put you on a waiting list in case of cancellations (904-432-7671).

To book a party of more than 6, please call us at 904-432-7671. Please do NOT book for 6 people when you really want a table for more.  CALL US and we’ll work with you to reserve the appropriate table(s).  If we haven’t talked we can’t guarantee the larger party can be accommodated.  THANKS!

Please note, for parties of 8 or more, an automatic gratuity of 25% is added to the bill.