A Superb Support Team Helps Develop Burlingame

Through our own experience and research (thank you RestaurantOwner.com !) we had a clear vision of how Burlingame would operate and what the space would look like but have relied on the support, guidance and experience of a huge team of experts to get to where we are today (a half built restaurant!)

We couldn’t have developed the plans required for navigating the maze of regulations and approvals for a building like ours without the magic that is Cotner Associates – especially the steady hand of Trey Amidon who assumed lead responsibility on our account just before we went to the Historic District Council for our first approval when John Cotner was injured on a mission trip in the Caribbean. John, Trey and team put our visions onto plans from which we could build. The task of turning the plans into reality was given to Chad Dougherty of Dougherty and Company. Chad is an amazing general contractor who we rely on fully. Chad, in turn, relies on a superb team of subcontractors: United And Strong Construction for demo and framing, Dave Turner PlumbingCordle Masonry and Vaughn Concrete have each been instrumental so far.

Burlingame with LogoIMG_2748IMG_2735IMG_2664

The Mary Fisher Design team of Mary Fisher, Kelly Young and Mirko Bonet with an assist from Allen Kent of Web Propulsion Internet Services developed our beautiful logo, business cards, and web site. Julie and Benjie at Julia Hall Interiors provide guidance for us to make the interior of Burlingame as beautiful as the logo!

Bill Cromer at Citizens State Bank is providing financing. Harrison Poole of Poole and Poole aids us on legal issues. Kevin Jackson of Erwin, Fountain & Jackson helps with our accounting questions. Matt Montoya, Mandy Anderson and Joe Malzacher of Montoya & Associates are providing insurance and benefits programs to help protect our business and help us develop “employer of choice” benefit plans.

Deb, Chad and Eric have all learned a lot through the process so far. We couldn’t have come this far, this fast without the helpful aid, intelligence and experience of these fantastic people and companies. We’ve left out many others who have also guided us to date – including former colleagues from our ‘past lives’ at other establishments like the Salt at The Ritz Carlton – and our many friends who offer encouragement (and requests for free food!!). You know who you are and that we appreciate your support.

We have been especially impressed with the kind support and advice received from other Amelia Island restaurateurs. Our friends at Le Clos, Lulu’s, BarZin, Cucina South, Amelia Island Coffee, Pablo’s, A Taste Of Wine by Steve, and Ciao Bistro have welcomed us with open arms and great advice. What a wonderful community to be joining!

We hope to make you all proud to have played a part at the beginning of Burlingame.